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Regina’s introduction into the world of art:


Regina’s exploration into the world of art began as a young child in the south American country of Brazil. At the age of five, Regina’s parents enrolled her in an art course for teens and adults in their hometown of Sao Joaquim da Barra, Sao Paulo Brazil.  This 3-month course taught students how to mold clay, make papier mâché, create wire sculptures, and how to paint. Regina’s most memorable experiences were the tropical forest field trips to learn to paint using natural colors available in nature. Students gathered green plants, brown or red dirt, various berries, multi-colored flowers, etc.  These sources were then mixed with small amounts of water or oil followed by application to the canvas. Ever since these early art days as a child, Regina has maintained a strong love and passion to view art, appreciate all types of art, and most important, release her creative energy and passion into her own art expressions.


Regina’s international influences, and creative process:


Today, Regina’s digital artwork and paintings are often inspirations from her trips abroad to include South Africa, Swaziland, Egypt, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Western United States and more recently, Hawaii. Regina’s artistic impressions are all derived from her explorations and observations of people, places, things, mixed with cultural impressions and unique perspectives.


Within her art creation process, Regina uses myriad textures and vivid colors, creating interesting perspectives and unique shapes, accentuated with creative emanations of light.  Each piece of art is also given a name and a related thought for contemplation.  Positive messages are also often concealed within many of Regina’s creations as she believes that positive energy emanates from art.

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